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    Carefree Artist
    If you are a kind of person who likes art, I think you will understand the person in the game who is also an artist. Ok, we dont know if this is a girl or a boy, but the fact we know for sure is that he/she has big passion for painting. When you start the game in the first scene you can see his painting room, so dont be surprised by the mess you will see. In this big mess you have to find all the hidden items listed at the right top side of the game-screen. Make sure you find all items, because passing the level is required in order to continue on the next level, which is another room of the house. In the second room, try to find all the brushes for painting. Can you find all the brushes? Because if you do, another level is waiting for you in which you can search for differences between two pictures.

    Game Instructions: As I said before, there are 3 levels in this game. Go in the main menu and select the first one. See the list with items you have to search for. Use the mouse left button to click over those items. If there is problem with finding certain items, use the hint. Try to pass all 3 levels in order to win the game!


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    Carefree Artist

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    Published on: 01.05.2013
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