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    Boys Room
    What is characteristic about boys room? Well usually those rooms are painted in blue or green color and about the decorations; there are usually some super heroes like Spiderman or Iron man. And there are toys in every kids room but in boys room there are usually a lot of cars, balls, robots

    Game Walkthrough: This game has the title Boys room but however, you will see a lot of other rooms included in this game but however, that doesnt play a big role in you playing. So, the game includes, believe it or not, 40 levels. In each of those levels that are five objects that need to be found. On the right side of the main picture you get 5 pictures of the wanted objects and those pictures present them in a larger size than the actual one, so you could see them better. Your concrete task is to find those objects in a shortest time period, even if there are not any limitations in the time given for passing each level. You get 25 points for every found object but in case that you are fast in your moves, at the end of the level you earn some points bonus. Search for the objects, do your best in being fast but also try to be as precise as you can. The thing is that in case that you make some kind of a wrong move, you lose 5 of your points, and imagine that you are a player that plays hidden object games with random moves then your score will be definitely smaller. In every level you can use unlimited number of hints but have in mind that this will last for some period. After youve used hint option once, you have to wait for some time so the hint bar becomes full and then use it again.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing this game are same as most of the games of this type. You play with the mouse once you spot some of the hidden objects, you simply point at it using the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button.. you can play the game with the touchpad too.


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    Boys Room

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    Published on: 03.05.2013
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