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    Sneakys Trip to St Louis
    Maybe St. Luis is not the most famous city in the world and it definitely is not one of the largest but that doesnt mean that it wont be interesting to visit this place. There are many interesting buildings, especially churches, in this city, also they have interesting cuisine that includes toasted ravioli, gooey butter cake, Provel cheese, and the famous St. Paul sandwich, for example but mostly it is known as the city of jazz, blues and ragtime. There are so many jazz clubs in that place that give excellent shows but also many famous musicians lives and worked there.

    Game Walkthrough: So we may start our journey to St. Luis right now. This game will guide you through the most important places of this place but you know how it is with our games you learn something, you see new things but at the same time you train your observational skills. The game includes a lot of pictures taken in St. Luis, you are allowed to check them out, but at the same time you will have to look for some hidden objects. on the left side of the main picture there is a list of the objects that need to be found in order to advance in the next level. Those objects will be given in the main picture but they will be very small and thats why you may use a loop for playing this game. The loop will be activated when you choose the option magnify and that way the whole picture will become bigger and it would be much easier for detecting the wanted items. With this loop you only magnify the objects but you cant select them like that go back and the magnify button, choose it again and continue. As you start the game your time starts running and the point is to find the objects as fast as you could, so you can earn a lot of points. Try to be precise in everything that you do because every wrong move gives 5 seconds more to your time which wont be so beneficial when your total score will be calculated. The options for using hints are excluded in this game but you may use the option skip that will lead you in the next level but only if you have found the bigger part of the wanted objects.

    Game Instructions: Just point with the mouse cursor on the wanted object and click on it to select it. You activate the other options as well by clicking on the given button.


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    Sneakys Trip to St Louis

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    Published on: 05.05.2013
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