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    Earning and Spending
    Some people prefer to use the weekend for leisure activities like sports or going out at night but sometimes it is not bad, even it is useful, to spend that time working something. Perhaps someone may say that he loses his precious time for taking rest and similar, but imagine that there is a possibility to earn something, or simply to get bigger pleasure doing that work. In that case it is totally irrelevant if you are spending your weekend working. And in that context, our friend in the following game has decided to clean up room this Saturday and he needs your help.

    Game Walkthrough: If money could motivate you to work early in the Saturday morning, then you have motivation for finishing this game fast. So, Earning and spending is another excellent hidden object game that will help you train your observational skills while you are having great time. You start the game with two rooms where there are ten objects that need to be found. Under the main picture there are the pictures of the wanted objects and their number is 10. For every found item you get 20 dollars that would be used later for buying some needed things in the market so you need to be extra fast in your moves because that way you may earn some extra bonus points at the end of the game too. It is great that the game offers you many chances to use a hint, so you wont have any problem while you are playing. Also under the main picture, from the left side of the wanted objects, there is a field where its written hint. The only condition for using this option is waiting for some period so the field to become full because it is empty on the beginning and it becomes empty too with every new use.

    Game Instructions: And lets finish with the instructions and we may start playing. You need to concentrate well on the list of wanted objects and start looking for them. Once you spot one, point at it using the mouse cursor and click at it with the left mouse button to select it. You also activate the hint option by clicking, but this time clicking on the hint field. If you have a laptop, it is u to you to choose if you would play the game with the mouse or you will use the touchpad instead. Now fell free to feel the pleasure or earning and spending!


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    Earning and Spending

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    Published on: 08.05.2013
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    idahaynes505 (7 years ago):
    love it Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
    sweetfrogiee (8 years ago):
    Great game - easy

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