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    Adventures in Unknown City
    It was just a regular day. I was coming back home from work, I simply decided to change the route this time and on my way back I noticed an old abandoned place. Thing is that I love adventures but there wasnt anything interesting in my life in a while so how it would be if I enter this house and check out what is going on there? I asked myself standing in front of that mysterious building. My heart started to beat faster and with not much doubt, I entered the house. So here I am in this place and there are numerous objects here. I would like to know the story about the ones that lived there so I am looking for some help from you, if you could help me explore the house and get the whole story.

    Game Walkthrough: This interesting hidden object game includes five levels in which there is a lot of work to do. Every level is near that abandoned house and in each one of them there are 10 objects that need to be found. You can see those objects in a list under the main picture but know that their size is not the actual one; the object could be bigger or smaller in the main picture. Finding the objects fast will give you a lot of points and which is also very important, it will lead you one step near to solving the mystery about this place too. In case that you feel that you observational skills are letting you down in some moment, you are allowed to ask for some hint. The hint button is in the same row as the wanted objects, and you can use it as many times as you like. The thing is that youll need to wait just a little between two uses, the hint button to become full because it gets empty after each use.

    Game Instructions: Just learn the instructions for playing first, and this great adventure may begin. Get your mouse in your hand and once you spot an object, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button. On the same way you activate the hints too, by clicking on the hint button. In case that you have a laptop, and you are a type of guy that doesnt prefer mouse, use your fingers and play it on the touchpad, the game allows that too. I am so excited to start this game, arent you to? Well lets start!


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    Adventures in Unknown City

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
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    Published on: 09.05.2013
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    G R E A T Happy

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