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    Find the Numbers 24
    Here is one more option to train your observational skills by finding hidden objects in fewpictures. We didnt include some particular story in this game but that wouldnt be a problemto practice your skills.

    Game Walkthrough: This game is a classical hidden object challenge. Thereare not objects in the game but numbers so it would be just about searching, there wont besomething else to steal your attention. You get different pictures and in each one of themyou need to look for the numbers from 1 to 25 that are hidden in those pictures. We knowthat you know to count but however, on the right side of the picture you will have a list of thenumbers. That is given to have a better overview of the whole game-play because the numbersdont disappear from the main picture but they disappear from the list, so you know whichones have you found. Every found number gives you 100 points but with every made mistakeyou lose 100 points so stay away from random moves. Also always be careful which numbershave you already found, follow the list, dont look just for numbers because you may think thatsome number didnt pass, and lose a lot of points trying to select it. the game does not give anopportunity to use a hint, so youll have to rely on your observational skills only.

    Game Instructions: Before you start playing, check out the instructions forplaying the game. Keep your mouse in your hand and start searching. The mouse cursor isactually turned into a loop so as you pass with it over the picture, the whole picture becomesincreased so it makes your job easier. Once you spot a number, click on it to select it. Havein mind that those numbers may appear in many different contexts like addition to certainname, on some very hidden place or they could simply have some stranger shape that doesntlook like a number at first, but if you see better you will detect what is it about.


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    Find the Numbers 24

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    Published on: 11.05.2013
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