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    Sneakys Trip to London
    London, the capital city of England, the largest city of the United Kingdom, but also the largest city of Europe. It is about one really developed city with amazing culture and great power in many fields like commerce, finance, professional services, media, entertainment, fashion, tourism and transport, healthcare, research and development, and of course education (there are even 43 universities located in London). This city has really diverse range of people and believe it or not, 300 different languages are spoken there. The Beatles, Oasis, Spyce Girls, Joss Stone, Muse, Pet Shop Boys, they all came from Britain while London is one of the main classical and popular music capitals of the world. And today our friend Sneaky is leading us exactly in this city. Have a nice visit!

    Game Walkthrough: In this game you have really a lot of job to do. It is consisted of many levels; many pictures from the streets of London where you need to find hidden objects. And in this game is not about five or ten objects in a level, but just in the first level you have 5 items to find, actually five of each. So you have yellow stars, baseballs, crystals, apples, and white doves just in the first level and in the following levels there are even more objects. However, the time given for locating them is not limited but it is still recommended not to waste time without a purpose because being fast gives you more extra points at the end of the game. There is no hint available in this game, at least not a direct hint, but there is an option to use a magnifying glass when you play, so you could see the objects more clear. Your aim in every game should be finding all the objects but however you can still go into the next level if you have found most of them and you have only 5 items for example left. You just need to use skip button and you are in the next level, but if youve found only few items and you like to go on in a different level, then the game will be over for you.

    Game Instructions: Just take your mouse and lets start playing. Observe the scene and once you spot an item, click on it using the left mouse button. It is the same procedure when you are using the loop, just in that case all objects look bigger.


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    Sneakys Trip to London

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    Published on: 21.05.2013
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