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    Messy Room
    If you are a kid, it would be a great pleasure to enter into those messy rooms! They are really messy, that is completely true but there can be found so many interesting toys. All kinds of dolls, cars, colorful teddy bears, numerous fanny gadgets You could enjoy just watching them for hours, but you will have to concentrate on certain things in this one

    Game Walkthrough: You have three messy rooms to clean up, three levels that need to be passed. You start the game with a concrete scene and under that scene there are small pictures of five objects that need to be found. As you detect them, new objects appear, until you find them all. The number of objects in each level is 10 and your time for finding them is limited on 5 minutes. As you start the game, the time starts running. While you play you have to be fast in your moves because that way you earn a lot of points but at the same time you need to be very accurate because with every mistake, with every wrong move, you lose 20 seconds of your time. That means that playing with random moves is not recommendable at all in this game because the time will get to its end very fast, and the game will end up without letting you to finish a level. There is a hint button included in the menu but we dont recommend you to use that because it only takes you in some other web page with forum with the questions of some other players nothing useful for you.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are very easy. You take your mouse and once you spot an item, you simply point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it using the left mouse button, to select it. In case that you are playing on a laptop, and you prefer working with your fingers, you are free to play the game on the touchpad, following the same principle. Now you may start and lets see how fast would you deal with this challenge.


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    Messy Room

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    Genres: Cleaning
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    Published on: 24.05.2013
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