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    Random Numbers
    We often say that the hidden object games help us train our observational skills but especially this game, will give you high impact training for your reflexes! Your eyes should be open, but dont take us literary we see you opening your eyes very wide. That means that you need to be really focused and concentrated on your task, paying attention to every detail. The game is followed by nice music! We hope that you didnt get scared from this description and you will continue to see what it is about.

    Game Walkthrough: As we said, it is about a hidden object game, or more concretely, a hidden object game that includes detecting numbers. We know that you are used to games in which you get a list of numbers and you look for those numbers but this game has a different concept that might confuse you a little. You get a scene, some picture of an old house positioned in some street All over the scene there are random numbers spread and on the left side from the picture, there are other numbers given. All of the numbers do not have any particular order but are numbers from 1 to 40. Focusing on the numbers will be hard because your brain is used to search for the numbers in the known order but now, it should remember only particular numbers without any order. For finishing with those numbers you have only 60 seconds available which is not too much in any case. You will see that this time will run out in instance, but it is ok that you can play each level as many times as you need, in order to pass it. However, the next time you play the level; it wont be same at all. There will be different numbers to look for and the given numbers will be positioned on different places on the scene. Finding all the numbers is a condition for moving to the next level where there is another similar challenge waiting for you.

    Game Instructions: The task might be hard for accomplishing but the instructions for playing are very easy. You observe the whole scene and once you spot an item, point at it with the mouse and click on it with the left mouse button to select it and thats it. You could also use a hint in the game, but from one to another hint, you need to wait for a while, until the hint bar gets full, so it is not recommended to count on it too much because you will run out of time even easier.


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    Random Numbers

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    Published on: 28.05.2013
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