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    Fun Fair Hidden Alphabet
    Fair by itself is interesting because there are so many interesting activities included in it, some of them for younger visitors and some of them for adults. Yes, there is a part similar as luna park but also there are more serious activities like shooting or watching some more serious performance But however, kids are the ones that enjoy this thing most. For them everything is amazing because they see things for the first time, and things that could be seen there are clowns, animals, carnival entertainment in general, and a lot of people. In our case we are talking about a fun fair too, but it wont be just about having fun. Are you ready for testing your observational skills?

    Game Walkthrough: In this game you will get pictures for a fair, wonderful and colorful pictures full of joy, but we wont stay just on watching pictures there is some job that need to be done. Even if you can see that on first sight, but in the pictures are hidden the letters of the English alphabet and your task is to find them all, in order to move into the next level. When you start the game, you have exactly 4 minutes for finishing your job but also your activities influence on the available time. Once you find a letter, you get 100 points for it but in case that you make a wrong move, you lose 5 seconds from your total time. The game also gives you many chances to use hints but again every hint decreases your total time. This means that in case that you use a lot of hints, or you make a lot of random or wrong moves, the game will be over sooner, you simply cant count on those 4 minutes, and the chance to finish the game without moving forward, becomes bigger. As you find the letters, they change color in their list, so you could know what you should search for next, without keeping a record in your mind. The letters are quite small and discreet in their appearance but with time your eyes will get accustomed to those shapes, and you wont have problems at all.

    Game Instructions: The final part before you start playing are the instructions, and theres not much to say about them. You observe the whole scene and once you spot a wanted letter, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button.


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    Fun Fair Hidden Alphabet

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    Published on: 30.05.2013
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    here it is again download adobe player again  this is stupid i give you a 0 rating on service

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