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    Does the name Sidny ONill, means something to you? Well you better meet her now because she is one hell of a good detective, and youll be working with her in the following case. Sindy thought that this day would be a regular day, without much excitement. She was enjoying her tea on her balcony when she received a call, a message for a new case. And the message was not so nice. It was about a 10 year old boy who was missing from the summer camp. As people from the camp said, the boy was last seen around the camp, Wednesday morning and then he suddenly disappeared Since it is about quite delicate case, that involves a lot of pressure and emotions, Sindy is asking for you to keep her back safe and help her finish the job faster.

    Game Walkthrough: The first step of your journey is of course the camp. You get a whole picture of the place but you need to concentrate on some particular objects that are given in a list that is positioned under the picture. Besides those objects you will have to check out Gabriels drawer, and look through his stuff. It is not appropriate to read someone elses diaries but in this case that could be a great clue that will lead you to something important. For example, how could you detect that Gabriel was having some problems with the coach of his team, if you didnt read it? Gabriel was also expelled from the team. Was he a difficult boy or there was something more serious going on? The game continues with searching all possible places around the camp, collecting important evidences and following the traces that could lead you to solving the case. Besides the regular levels with ten hidden objects in each, you will get important clues during the game lie the diary, then the suspicious coachs list and other things that will lead you to solving the case.

    Game Instructions: This interesting game that includes an exciting story, will be played like most of the games of this type, by using the mouse. You observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it to select it. Finding all given items is a condition for moving forward in the game. you act the same with the single clues that will appear from time to time just follow the general instructions and we are sure that you and detective ONill will solve this case without any troubles.


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    Unlock the Mystery 2

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
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    Published on: 03.06.2013
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    W9l4f12o23e18 (8 years ago):
    Very Good I've enjoyed playing this game. I'm to continue playing many more hidden object games. Happy
    idahaynes505 (9 years ago):
    good game Happy  Happy