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    Collecting Bank Money
    How strange it is to think about robbing a bank, but there are some people that do that too. Just imagine the great risk and the huge responsibility that those people take in order to get a lot of money, that are not even their or earned. Perhaps is like in the movies making the plan, finding proper dress to wear, organize the people on right places, get a vehicle, do the thing and off course, run! Well thats what actually happened in this bank where there was a robbery last night. And it would have been a very big robbery but the officers managed to catch them right on time. Just that now all the money are spread all over the bank, and with those coins, it can be really hard to find them and collect them all

    Game Walkthrough: The game will take place all around the bank and each level is a different room of the bank. You will start with the hall, and then get into the safe rooms, the lobby, trying to find all the coins. Actually you are not looking for a concrete number of cons but a concrete amount of 200 dollars. As you collect the coins, you track the sum under the main picture, and youll know how much is there left. You could also use some hints for the job. Also under the main picture, there is a hint bar, once field where is written hint. At the beginning it is empty but after a while it will get full, and you are free to use it as many times that you need. The only issue about this option is that you need to wait for it to get full, after each use which means that your time is running at the same time, but we are sure that you manage to handle the situation and finish as fast as possible, with or without the hints.

    Game Instructions: There is nothing difficult about the instructions for playing this game. For playing you will use the mouse, but also you could play on the touchpad, in case that you play on a laptop. You observe the scene and once you spot a coin, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button, to select it. On the same way you activate the hints. You wait until the hint bar becomes completely yellow, and you click on it.


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    Collecting Bank Money

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    Published on: 07.06.2013
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    19racerlady (4 years ago):
    I like these older games especially ones with gold coins....thanks

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