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    Classic Kids Room
    So how does a classic kids room look like? We all know that typical about those rooms are the toys. Yes, there are some regular things like beds or shelves but the toys are definitely the most important part because every child builds its own kingdom around the toys. The girls like more dolls while the boys are more into cars and guns and sometimes they are spread all over the room but the parents usually forget this to their kids when they see their happy faces.

    Game Walkthrough: Classic Kids Room is a hidden object game that is all about kids rooms. Actually the game includes two super short levels that ask for your super observational skills. We said that they are short and that means that they are very challenging because you have to finish each level in 30 seconds and you know how little that is. When you start the game, the time start running and in those 30 seconds you need to check out the wanted objects that are given in the list that is positioned over the picture, remember them, and try to find them in the picture. For every found item you get 100 points but this time reduces for 50 points each time you make some kind of a mistake or unsuccessful random move. In case that you dont manage to detect all the items in the given time, then the game is over but however, you can still try again from the beginning as many times as you wish, and after you finish it, you could continue into the next level.

    Game Instructions: The game could be played with the mouse or play with your fingers in case you have laptop and you prefer playing on touchpad. Watch the whole scene and once you spot an item, point at it with the mouse cursor (finger) and click on it with left mouse button (or tap with your finger). The game does not include an option for using a hint so you are totally left on your own.


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    Classic Kids Room

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    Published on: 09.06.2013
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