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    Tortola Island Treasure 2
    Welcome to Tortola Island. If you havent visited this place before, know that it is about an exotic island that hides a lot of mysteries and its up to you to discover. And you probably already have the first association related to islands lone island usually are related to some hidden treasures and yes, there is something about that story in this game. you may or you may not have the map for the treasure, but we are sure that you will find it with no trouble, of course, if you concentrate well on your task and keep your eyes open, but also your ears, because who knows what can you face when you are alone there, in that pure nature.

    Game Walkthrough: Well it seems that this island is quite urbanized, as someone is living there. But no, you are all alone and those objects are just something left behind the soldiers who have lost their way and came there by chance. Wee in those objects you have to find some particular ones. The game is divided into levels and in each level your task is to find 10 hidden objects. Those items could be seen in a list that is positioned under the main picture. Between the items that could be found on this island, you can find everything, starting from books, old lamps, gramophones, hats, glasses, even bicycles, but also some animals and snakes. And between those objects you will also find diamonds, but they are not all in one place, you will discover them consequently, as you pass through the game. the time for finishing each level is not limited, you have all the time in the world, but it is recommended to be fast in order to earn a lot of points. Have in mind that the game does not include option for using hint, so its everything up to you open your eyes good and lets start!

    Game Instructions: This game will be played with the mouse or play it on the touchpad if you have a laptop and you like working with your fingers. You observe the whole scene and once you spot an object, point at it with the mouse cursor, and click on it with the left mouse button to select it. The procedure on the touchpad is the same, just that you tap on it with your fingers. Now finish your job there faster because who knows what can you face at night, on a lone island.


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    Tortola Island Treasure 2

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 14.06.2013
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    Sintija (4 years ago):
    Sintija (4 years ago):
    To mayhee                                                                                                                                                                      The clothes pin is in the bottom left corner right above sign of hidden4fun. Have good luck.                    
    mayhee (4 years ago):
    where the heck is the clothes pin
    idahaynes505 (7 years ago):
    good game Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave

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