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    Hidden in the Theater
    Welcome to your private tour through the theater. You will have the chance to see the rooms in this special place full of magic and feel the trill related to the theater scene. But dont think that you will pass just like that, at the same time you need to finish few little tasks Lets start!

    Game Walkthrough: This interesting game is divided into four levels that include different pictures from the theater, starting from its exterior, continuing with the rooms there like the halls, the main scene. For each of those rooms you have three minutes available and in that time period you need to find 10 objects that are hiding there. You can see the list of objects under the main picture and as you detect the objects, they disappear from this list, so you could have a better overview of what is left. Dont let yourself make mistakes or wrong moves because that way you lose 5 seconds of your time for every step like that. Maybe 5 seconds are not so much but they mean much when your time is limited. In case that you dont manage to finish the level in 3 minutes, the game will be over. But thats why we will also give you some help. In every level you have three chances to use a hint and we think that it will be enough for finishing the whole game. Just focus well and we may start our tour through the theater and also start searching.

    Game Walkthrough: We will play the game by using the mouse or the touchpad of the laptop in case you prefer that. You observe the whole scene and once you spot a wanted item, point at it with the mouse (finger) and click on it using the left mouse button (tap on the touchpad). For activating the hints, you also click but this time on that rubber that is in the same line as the hidden objects.


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    Hidden in the Theater

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    Published on: 17.06.2013
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