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    Hidden Fables
    Well this is one very interesting game.You will probably think that it is as any other hidden objects game that you have played before, and the basis is same but the structure of the game is quite different. You will get all the objects given at the same time, but you will have to select them wisely in order to have available moves for all of them

    Game Walkthrough: Once you start the game choose the difficulty level that you think is appropriate for you. If you go for normal mode, you will get a little help because when you find an object, the mouse cursor will turn into a hand and you also get fewer points while playing. If you like to play it hard, and earn a lot of points, choose the hard mode, but have in mind that there wont be any help in your search; everything will be up to you and your skills. When you start playing you receive a certain amount of points at the start and as the times runs, this score reduces. You also get 30 clicks available for the level but your task is to find many objects, many notes, hearts, stars, eggs, and other things and their number could be different, starting from 10 to 30. In order to get more clicks and finish the whole level, you have to aim first on collecting all objects from one group of objects and then you get 20 more clicks to go for other objects.. Then it is recommendable to go for the objects that are 20 in number or less, so you can get more clicks, to finish the whole game. This is very interesting game and we know that you wont leave it until you get to the end.

    Game Walkthrough: Perhaps the task is little bit challenging since you have to check out all the time how many clicks are there left, if you like to finish the whole game, and to plan which objects will you play first, even if you may see all 10 objects from some other groups for example, but you will handle that we know. We actually told you the concrete instructions while explaining you the game once you find an object, click on it with the left mouse cursor and thats it. making mistakes is not recommendable, always insist on being precise, because you actually lose your click on random move and you wont have enough clicks when you most need them.


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    Hidden Fables

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 18.06.2013
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    BluAngel (4 years ago):
    I have the newest adobe player on mine and it still won't play. 10-2017
    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    yrs I AGREE WHY DOWN LOAD  when i all ready have it just another invasion on  my computer or more crap to add on  this is the second game to ask this i agree with patches
    patches48 (5 years ago):
    why do i have to download the adobe player when i already have it,what is wrong with you people get with the times.don't you ever read these comments.