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    Toy Town
    Welcome to the town of the toys! Its a wonderful place, everyone would like to visit. Seems that in this town all possible problems are over and its just about having fun. Is not that people who live there dont work, just that its so quiet and peaceful there, the whole atmosphere is amazing and you will have a chance to walk through the streets of this town with this cute game, full of interesting pictures.

    Game Walkthrough: Believe it or not, this game includes 40 levels but each of those levels is very interesting so you will enjoy playing them all, from the first until the last, without making any pauses. So what should you do in those levels, besides enjoying the wonderful images? The main picture is positioned centrally but on its right side there is a list of smaller pictures from five objects. Those are the objects that you should look for, but know that their size is different from the one given here, smaller or bigger. The time available for finding the objects is not limited, but it starts running as you begin the game, and finishing it faster is a condition for getting many bonus points at the end of the level. Aside from those bonus points, you earn 25 points for every detect item, but be careful about making mistakes because for each mistake you lose 5 points. It should be easy for you to find all objects without any trouble but in case that you have some and you are stuck with some object, you are free to use reveal button. The only condition for using this button is to wait at the start of the game the button to get full. The button becomes empty with every use which means that you should wait for some period between two uses.

    Game Instructions: And now just the instructions and you are free to play. You will be using the mouse for playing. You check out every corner of the picture, looking for your objects, and once you spot one, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button. So thats it, have fun!


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    Toy Town

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    Published on: 04.07.2013
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    clatino1 (3 years ago):
    Good game but there should be a way to enlarge it.  My eyes hurt looking for all the little items.