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    Country of Fairy Tales
    Who says that fairy tales happen only in big white castles where princes and princesses live? A fairy tale could happen everywhere, on a regular street, on some mountain, near the lake, on the beach..Why not? And why not in the country? The images in the following game are quite a proof that miracles could happen everywhere since it includes amazing country pictures, full of interesting sights and great colors.

    Game Walkthrough: There are 40 levels that include this country idyll so you will enjoy this game a lot and have the chance to feel the spirit of those places, even if you are not really there. In each of those levels you get a task to find 5 objects that are hiding there. You have pictures from those objects on the right side from the main picture but know that they are not in same size in the picture, so be careful about that when youll be looking for them. As you detect the objects, their background on the list becomes yellow and they also disappear from the picture, so you know what is left for searching. For every found item you get 25 points but every mistake that you will make will cost you 5 points less. The time for playing is not limited but the thing is that if you are fast in your moves, you will earn some extra points after each level, and that is great if you are aiming for bigger score and rank in the game. Also you are allowed to use hints during the play but you have to know that after youve used hint once, you have to wait for a certain period, the hint bar to get full, and then use it again.

    Game Walkthrough: We know that you are really impatient to start the game right away, but wait just few seconds and you may start. Another important part of the game are the instructions and they are very simple. You spot an item in the picture, you point it with the mouse cursor and you simply click on it with the left mouse button, to select it. Have fun and we know that you would be that kind of a hero that will get to the end of this game.


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    Country of Fairy Tales

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 18.07.2013
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    All comments (2)
    psleeprice (5 years ago):
    I cannot see the objects because the game cannot be enlarged.   Most games before 2013 aren't worth the time to download.  Not for the visually impaired or visually degraded.   Too bad.  
    Diane (5 years ago):
    argh! can't enlarge photo, too hard to see objects, even with my glasses on. Hated these games where you can't get hints, or enlarge to fing objects without eye strain, do not like these games.