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    Hidden Library
    Playing in the library is not allowed because there it should be always quiet since people are reading books, studying or researching something there. But however, in this game the library will be a tool for doing something else practicing observational skills. So are you prepared to lead your capability for noticing things to real perfection?

    Game Walkthrough: This is one very interesting hidden object game that has 3 levels. You will see that besides the picture of the library, actually under that picture, there is a list of items that need to be found in the picture. That part is not same as most of the hidden object games where for example you have to detect 10 objects and thats it but the concept is little bit different. In that list you get a preview of all the wanted items and you will see that there you have 30 numbers, 10 stamps and something like that but the number of available clicks in the game is limited 30. The point of the game is to find all items but you have to calculate well which item you should start first, so you will have enough clicks to finish the game. Once youve found one group of objects, you get some extra clicks available and you could continue searching. The game does not have an option for using hints while the score starts from 2000 and it decreases as the time runs away. Finishing faster means finishing the game with more points and higher score, so try to achieve that, but even if you dont succeed to finish with a high score, you should be also satisfied because this game is really challenging.

    Game Instructions: So, you may already guess the instructions for playing since we mentioned clicks. And yeas, the game is played by clicking once you spot some of the wanted items, point at it with the mouse cursor and click it using the left mouse button. Just watch out about the number of clicks left, and do not do random or wrong clicks because one of them could ruin the whole previous playing in just one instance.


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    Hidden Library

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    Genres: ForFun
    Played: 171,861
    Published on: 19.07.2013
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    bobby1 (7 months ago):
    thats because they dont care
    bobby1 (8 months ago):
    why do we need to download latest adobe  when we allready have a new one  i will check back in 5 years for answer thank you
    bobby1 (9 months ago):
    wa stfull game
    bobby1 (10 months ago):
    boo boo boo on this game take it off
    bobby1 (10 months ago):
    hey i think they need to remove this gameyou should not have to download latest verison of flash player  all they want to do is track you   boo boo boo
    bobby1 (10 months ago):
    bobby1 (11 months ago):
    when are they going to answer my question WHY down load flash plar i have latest version i will check back in 6 months for answer
    ShadowsGathered (12 months ago):
    Good Lord. It's been saying the same thing literally for years now. You'd think someone would fix it?
    bobby1 (12 months ago):
    just checkig back been 2 weeks now an still no answer about reload flash player it played the ad for game good but when it came to start game they  want you to load flash player they al ready know what your doing  check back in 6 months
    bobby1 (1 year ago):
    been a week now and still no answer as to why they want you to down load lates version of flash player when you already have it its really stupidwhy load flash player  twice they take 6 years to answer
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