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    Hiddenmania Three
    Well hello in one really interesting game that will once again challenge your observational skills. We dont have any stories here; its just about pure searching so are you prepared to start?

    Game Walkthrough: So, as you open the game you get two options to play it in text mode or pictures mode. Text mode does not mean that there will be a story or something included in the game just that you will get the names of the wanted objects while the picture mode gives you a small pictures from the silhouettes of the wanted items so you will know exactly how they look like. We wont suggest you anything about that, it is totally your choice, to choose what will be better for you. Once you are done with that, it is time to start playing. The principal and most important task in the game is to find the hidden objects and those objects could be seen in the list that is positioned under the main picture. For each one of those objects you receive 100 points and some extra points in case that you finish the level faster. Finding those items is a condition for moving into the next level so you must make sure to take care about that. Besides those objects there are also 10 coins that need to be found and all letters from the word hidenmania but those things are not obligatory. However, it is recommended to find them too because that way you will get even more extra points. we recommend you to find them first, or at least to leave one of the regular items, before you end the game because once you are done with the objects, the game level is finished, you simply cant go back and look for the coins and letters latter, so your score would be quite smaller than it could actually be.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing wont cause you headaches at all. You just need a mouse and you may start playing. Once you spot an item, a letter or a coin, point it with the mouse cursor and just click on it, using the left mouse button, to select it and you are done with it; continue with the other items.


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    Hiddenmania Three

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    Published on: 19.07.2013
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