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    Super Kitchen
    How does a perfect kitchen look like? We may say like this as well, the perfect kitchen is the one that has all the products, or perfect kitchen is a full kitchen. Here we really have a full kitchen, and in our case that could be a problem because more objects there are, more trouble finding the real ones, we have

    Game Walkthrough: Super kitchen is a sweet hidden object game that will ask from you to demonstrate your sharp vision and your skill for noticing things, but also your skills for reacting fast. The game takes place in different parts of a kitchen and you have a task to look into the numerous objects and products that are spread there, in order to find the particular wanted items that can be seen on the list that is positioned on the left side from the picture. On that list there are six objects at first, but as you detect them, new objects appear on their place, until you finish them all and you actually pass the level. In that first level you have 40 seconds available for finishing your job and in case that you dont manage to do that, the game will be over. In the next two levels the given time is 30 seconds but here you need to find only the 6 visible objects, new objects dont appear. For every found object you get 100 points but making a mistake or random move, decreases your score for 50 so be careful if you like to finish the game with good rank.

    Game Instructions: As you may see, the whole game is quite simple and clear when it comes about its plot but that goes for the instructions too. So you get those pictures one by one, and first thing you should do, is to check out the objects from the list.Once you spot one of those objects in the main picture, point at that object precisely with the mouse cursor and then click on it, using the left mouse button. Try not to make any mistakes while you are playing and aim for a greater score. Good luck!


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    Super Kitchen

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    Genres: Cleaning | Cooking
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    Published on: 22.07.2013
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