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    Find Numbers Challenge 40
    Different object could be used as a tool for training observational skills. It could be something related to a certain story, often it is about some detective constructions that ask from you looking for some clues in order to solve some mystery but this time we have numbers for that purpose. Those numbers are not related to anything, they are just numbers that need to be found.

    Game Walkthrough: The letters from one to twenty-five are spread all over some rooms and your task is simple and clear to find them all as fast as possible. Finding all numbers is actually a condition that needs to be done in order to move into the next level. the game does not have option for using hints but still, you have a loop that is here all the time and it increases the spot from the picture that you like to see better. Maybe you are accustomed to use hints for those game but not in this one. Here everything is up to you, so you better open your eyes better if you like to have a success in the game. Every found letter gives you 100 points but be especially careful about the wrong moves or the random moves. For each one of them you actually lose 100 points so if you make a lot of them, there is a possibility to stay without any points. The last stand before you start playing is learning the instructions for playing and you may start.

    Game Instructions: As we have mentioned before, you have a loop for playing the game. Actually the loop is attached to the mouse cursor and as you move the cursor, you actually move the loop that increases things. Once you spot some of the wanted numbers, just click on it using the left mouse button and thats it. Make sure that you find all the numbers and you have your ticket for moving into the next level. We are sure that with a good motivation you will be able to get to the final point of the game.


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    Find Numbers Challenge 40

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    Published on: 02.08.2013
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    whats with the spanish ads dont like

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