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    Hidden World Animals
    There are numerous species of animals all around the world. Every different part of the world actually has different animals that could survive there because of the particular conditions for living, but the zoos are the places that gather together animals from everywhere so people could meet animals that are not so typical for their surroundings. In the following game many animals are together in one place. Some of them are the most known like dogs, cats, birds and tigers but also there are some prehistoric animals included like dinosaurs and strange birds. Lets find them all!

    Game Walkthrough: This lovely game includes 4 levels. In each of those levels you have same task- to find the hidden animals. Under the scene there is a toolbar where you can see the silhouettes of all the animals. Maybe you cant see the whole animal but still this is enough to know what it is about. In every level you have 3 minutes for finishing your job but in case that you make a mistake, you will lose 5 seconds from your time for each mistake. That means that you need to be careful in recognizing the shapes because 5 seconds mean a lot in case when your time is limited like this. Finding all animals is actually the condition for moving into the next level but in case that you dont manage to do that, the game will be over for you. You could also use a hint. With activating that option you actually get the whole picture with the wanted animals circled.

    Game Instructions: When you start the game you cant see anything but as you move with the mouse cursor over the scene, you actually move a loop that uses for seeing the whole place. Once you spot some of the animals, just click on it using the left mouse button and youll select that animal. Being fast and precise in your moves guarantees you a lot of points and a bigger final score so make sure that you manage that. Now lets have fun and enjoy your time in the wild.


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    Hidden World Animals

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    Published on: 07.08.2013
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