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    Romantic Proposal
    Deciding to live with someone is in truth important part of peoples life, especially because it includes the option forever, and forever is very long time People are together in a relationship and when they decide that they like to be together officially, they decide to get married and the engagement is just one part of the whole procedure, but part that is very important, especially for the one that proposes. In our case the one that proposes is John. He has a girlfriend for a longer period and he likes to surprise her with a marriage proposal. But like being nervous before the great act is not enough, he has also lost the engagement ring in the park.

    Game Walkthrough: As weve mentioned before, this interesting game is located in one very nice part. Unfortunately we could not enjoy this part because our John is in serious trouble and we will be fair if we try to help him. The game is divided into levels and in each level your task is clear to find the hidden objects. The objects that we will be looking for are given in the taskbar that is positioned under the main scene. As you find them, they disappear from the list until the moment when you find all of them and in that moment you actually finish the level and you go forward into the next one. All items that should be found are somehow related to the wedding ceremony and love, so you will be looking for hearts, diamonds, different decorations, colorful flowers... And of course, the ring. The game-play is not time limited but as fast as you finish, as much points you will get. Know that the game does not allow using hints but we are sure that you will be fine with that since you have already trained your observational skills well with the other games of this site and this game will be one more challenge when it comes about detecting hidden objects.

    Game Instructions: So, youll be looking for the hidden objects that are spread all over the picture. Once you spot one of them, you just point at the object with the mouse and you click on it using the left mouse button. Find all items fast, without making any mistakes, and help this young man to conquer the heart of his loved one, with this lovely gesture.


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    Romantic Proposal

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    Genres: Adventure | Romance | ForFun
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    Published on: 12.08.2013
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    Mimma (5 years ago):
    Thank you very much for this bieautiful game.

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