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    Find Numbers Challenge 13
    No particular theme, but a lot of challenge in the following hidden object game. Sometimes we just use some random things in order to make a game that will serve us for something and this time we have used numbers to make an interesting hidden object game. Since those games are really good for training our observational skills, it is not matter at all what kind of objects we sill use, so open your eyes well, focus, and we may start playing.

    Game Walkthrough: Numbers from 1 to 25, those are the hidden objects included in this game. We know that you know those numbers but to have a better preview of your game play, you have those items on a list, positioned from the right side of the picture. As you detect those numbers on the picture, they disappear from the list but they dont disappear from the picture so in this case you have to be quite alert and to check out before you make any move. Every found number gives you 100 points but every mistake decreases your score also for 100 points so be careful during the whole time. As you start the game, the time starts running but there is not any limitation about that, just that being faster will give you more points at the end of each level, since you get some bonuses in case that you are fast enough. Difficult part about the game is that there is not any hint available for your play but we know that your observational skills are quite developed so you wont have any problems if you focus well on your task.

    Game Instructions: The game is played with the mouse. As you move the mouse cursor, you actually move a loop that decreases the objects that appear in each level. Once you spot some of the wanted items, you simply point at it and click on it, using the left mouse button. The procedure is same in case that you are playing on the touchpad just this time your finger will be your loop. You move with the finger to detect the numbers and when you find them, you simply tap and select it.


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    Find Numbers Challenge 13

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    Genres: ForFun | Adventure
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    Published on: 16.08.2013
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    Bev1962 (3 months ago):
    can't play these games are they going to use something else besides adobe flash player for their games.
    robeg (3 years ago):
    ...it is not matter at all???

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