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    Private Paradise
    What is the first thing that you get in your mind when you hear the term Private Paradise? Sounds like place that is yours, a place where you can enjoy as much as you like, doing only things that make you happy, together with the people you love, or people that you decide to invite Do you think that that place could be a beach? Well that sounds great and that is what we have in the following game. Our private paradise is actually an amazing beach, with golden sand, azure water The sun is shining, people are relaxed and happy, beautiful girls in bikini are passing by, someone is swimming, someone taking a sunbath, some ones drink cocktail on in the bar, children are making sand castles We have to admit that this is a real paradise! But we could also enjoy this paradise searching for some hidden objects, so lets do it!

    Game Walkthrough: Private Paradise is a wonderful beach but at the same time it is a wonderful hidden object game that will wake up your observational skills. The game includes 5 interesting levels and each of those levels takes place on the beach, on some different location there. For example the first level shows the tropical bar on the beach, and all the drinks there, while the second level is concretely the beach Your task in those levels (together with the three others) is to look for the objects that are given on the list. Every level includes them, they are 10 in each one of them, and you cant go into the next level in case that you dont find them all. The time given for playing the game is not limited but make sure that you find the objects faster since that way you will be sure that your observational skills are sharp enough, and you will have a chance to finish the game with a higher score.

    Game Instructions: finding those objects would not be so easy but thats where the challenge lays! However, you wont have to worry about the instructions at all since they are very easy and understandable. You observe the scene and once you spot an item, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click over it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. The game could be also played on the touchpad of a laptop, in case that you have one and you like to play with your fingers. Now go there and enjoy the paradise!


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    Private Paradise

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    Genres: Adventure | Romance
    Played: 917,941
    Published on: 26.08.2013
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    too easy
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    too easy

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