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    Hidden Master 5
    Logics, mathematics, observational skills, those are the things that youll need in order to play the following game. Or in case that those things are not your strongest side, this will be a great opportunity to train them. We wont tell stories, since this game doesnt have one, and we will concentrate on the tasks. Lets start!

    Game Walkthrough: So, as you start the game you get a picture that will be the basis for your play. The theme is totally irrelevant since you will have to concentrate on other things. You start the game with 15000 points and 30 available clicks, actually 30 moves that could be made. As you start, there is not any connection to time limits or so, but as the time runs away, your score decreases. Under the main picture there are the objects that need to be found and the number of each one of them. From some of them you need to find 30, from some 25, from some 10 but you know that you have only 30 moves and the point of the game is to find all items. And thats where your logics and mathematics should come to sight. For finding all items from one group, you will get extra 20 clicks so you should calculate that in your views, managing the order of actions. For example, we recommend you to start with 20 puzzles. After youve found them, you will have 10 clicks left and plus 20 clicks bonus. In that case you may continue with 25 moons, and after you find them, you will have 5 plus those 20 bonus clicks. You may continue with 10 numbers and youll be left with 15 clicks and plus those 20, it will be 35 clicks You could realize that you cant make any mistakes because each mistakes decreases the number of available clicks and you cant advance in the game unless you have all the clicks.

    Game Instructions: So you already know the instructions for playing since weve been talking about clicks all the time. You observe the scene and once you spot an item, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it to select it. To win the game, collect all the items.


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    Hidden Master 5

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    Published on: 02.09.2013
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