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    Lost Kingdom of Samaria
    Samaria was an ancient city in the Land of Israel and a capital of the Kingdom of Israel in the 9th century BC and 8th century BC. Through the history Samaria was destroyed and rebuilt many times. The Samaritans were almost always at war with the kings of Judah and those two tribes avoided any kind of common relations, even building themselves a private temple and adopting some reforms. The only thing that Samarians admitted was the Pentateuch, which contained the laws of Moses and they were the Protestants of their time. Some Samaritans could be still found in some parts of the Lavent, mainly near Nablus and in Jaffa. They still respect the laws of Moses more accurately than other Jews and only marry amongst themselves We are sure that the culture of the Samarians is not something you are familiar with but the following game will lead you the old city of Samaria where you could see its specifics.

    Game Walkthrough: Your walk through Samaria is consisted of visiting 5 different locations from the city. On every location you will see many authentic buildings and objects including interesting artifacts that belong to those ancient times. Those 5 scenes are actually levels and in each one of them you will look for some hidden objects. in the list of objects is also considered a piece of map of the whole region of Samaria and your task is to find all objects but also to collect the pieces of the map. After you are done with all levels, you will be able to construct the map and perhaps to discover some secrets related to that place. The list of objects is under the main picture and for every found item you earn points, but every mistake decreases your points so be careful in your moves. Condition for moving into the next level is finding all items in one level. The game does not allow you to use hints, so be prepared to solve the big Samarian challenge by your own.

    Game Instructions: And maybe the Samarian challenge is great but at least you dont have to worry about the instructions for getting there. You observe the whole scene looking for those items, and once you spot one of them, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it to select it. As fast you finish the level and less mistakes you have, as many points you will earn so you better concentrate well and our visit to Samaria may be considered official!


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    Lost Kingdom of Samaria

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    Published on: 03.09.2013
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