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    Tea Room
    Atea houseortea roomis a place which in particular servesteaand other light drinks. Even though its purpose differs widely depending on the culture, tea houses usually work as meeting places of social interaction. Certain cultures even have a range of different tea-centered houses or parlors that all are eligible under the phase from the English language - tea house or tea room. In China those places look almost exactly like todays coffee bars, just that people drink more tea then coffee. In Japan it was more about private structure designed for Japanese tea ceremonies, but also the term could refer to a place with geishas and special privacy for couples. In Europe, especially in England where tea is a national drink, drinking tea is a national pastime. At first it was done at home but soon appeared first commercial public tearoom. Today a tea room is a small room or restaurant where drinks and light meals are servedand so on. So here in our game, we have our own tea room. We could not say that it is some particular place, it is just the living room, but it is still a special place because here the family gathers, and drinking tea is just an excuse to spend some time together, far from the everyday responsibilities that keep us apart..

    Game Walkthrough: This game is classical good hidden object game. There are 5 interesting levels included and each level is located at the tea room, but it catches it from a different angle. You start the level and you get a list of objects that need to be found in the room and you should start looking for them right away. as you detect those items, they disappear from the list and after you are done with all of them, you could move into the next level. The time for playing is not limited but of course, it is recommended to be fast in your moves because that way your final score will be higher. Also you cant use any hints in the game so your score depends just from you.

    Game Instructions: And now, pay attention of the instructions for playing and you may start the game. You observe the whole scene and once you spot some of the wanted items, point at it with the mouse cursor and just click on it, using the left mouse button, to select that item. The game could be also played by using the touchpad and your fingers, of course if you play on a laptop. Now enjoy your tea!


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    Tea Room

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    Published on: 16.09.2013
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    All comments (3)
    bob66 (5 years ago):
    nice game i give it a 10
    suethegeek (7 years ago):
    Game was good but the last item in Level 5 - the scroll could not be clicked
    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
    Wave  Wave love the game


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