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    Exposed Evidence
    Do you remember detective Wilson? It was that ambitious young detective that worked on the case Mysterious neighbors. With your help, he managed to finish the first case very successfully and thats why he has another case to solve. Like in the previous case, he has his camera in his hands and he collects some evidences on his way to discover some huge affair. There are some suspicions that something irregular is happening around certain group of people but the traces have not told much Detective Wilson has decided to take things in his own hands and dedicate to this job really seriously, in order to solve the mysterious case, so he works off the shift, analyzing those pictures so thoroughly And yes, gradually something could be realizedbut lets go step by step.

    Game Walkthrough: With time Wilson is becoming a really good detective but just as the previous time, he needs some help, to be more sure about his actions. The game is divided into 5 levels and each of those levels is actually a different picture taken in some suspicious location and includes some evidences and traces that could lead to solving the case. In each of those pictures there are exactly 10 hidden objects, 10 evidences that need to be found and when you find all of them, you could move into the next level. Because you are working with a professional detective, you wont get any help in the game but we are sure that both of you will make a great team and you will manage to solve the whole case. And yes, all the levels will be in black and white technique, dont think that your monitor is broken or something, just you will get a more authentic play that way and another different experience while playing. Now start your job detective, theres no time for wasting!

    Game Instructions: Just that the pictures are black and white, there is nothing new when it comes about the game play here. You have 5 levels and 10 hidden items in each one of them. You observe the picture and once you spot some of the hidden items, you point at the item with the mouse and you click over it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. The game could be also played on the touchpad of your laptop, with your fingers instead of the mouse, if you prefer that kind of playing.


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    Exposed Evidence

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 179,378
    Published on: 04.11.2013
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    bobby1 (4 years ago):
    very good game  thank you

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