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    Annas Restaurant 2
    Well this is a nice proof that the persistence pays off! Remember Anna? That was the girl who decided to open her own restaurant. It was very hard at the beginning but very soon she managed to make the place in a favorite place for eating and enjoying by making the service perfect. Now she has decided to open another restaurant, this time even more luxurious than the previous one and she is inviting her guests to come and visit the new place. Again everything is in a perfect order because Anna is a very working girl but however, she needs some help to prepare for the night of the grand opening. It would be nice if you could give her some help and support her to make everything perfect.

    Game Walkthrough: Similar as the first part of the game, the second one takes place in the restaurant, this time the new one. At the beginning you will have to choose whether you will play the game in easy or in hard mode. In the easy mode your time for playing will not be limited but if you choose the hard mode, you are supposed to finish things in the given time period. Youll be taking care of the place, together with Anna by finding some things that she needs. The game includes 4 levels and in each of those levels you have a task to find the 10 items that are written on the list that is positioned on the left side of the main picture. Every level is a different part of the restaurant and you have to find all 10 items, in order to move into the next level. In each level there are 2 hints available and we are sure that they would be enough to finish it, but also to finish the whole game.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are same as in the first part of the game. You get the list of wanted objects and you start looking for them. Once you find one of them, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click over it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. You could also play the game with no mouse, on the touchpad of your laptop, surely if you have one and you like that kind of a play. Now concentrate well and finish everything as fast as possible.


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    Annas Restaurant 2

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    Genres: Cleaning | Cooking
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    Published on: 04.11.2013
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