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    Midnight Cowboy
    Wild West! Cowboys are riding all around. Some of them are simply cowboys, people who tend cattle on ranches in North America, usually on horseback, and often do many other ranch-related activities. But some of them are cowboys like those we see in the movies. Lonely rangers that ride through the prevue, following their own believing, not related especially to anyone, providing their own justice Today they are in one place, tomorrow on other, with no family or relatives, alone You can find them in the saloons, drinking bier by their own, or simply passing through the streets, leaving other people with excitement and admiration

    Game Walkthrough: You may see that the sun is setting down. Those cowboys are with their horses and since its going to be dark soon, they have to settle those horses and ride to the town. Actually that is the intro of this small but sweet cowboy game. as we said, those cowboys are preparing to leave the place where they are because its becoming dark. They have to get to the city before its too late. The game actually has three levels from which the first one is located out of the city where the cowboys prepare their horses while the other two are located in two local saloons. The cowboys are ok, but what should you do in those levels? Well you will have to look for those hidden objects that are given to you on a list. There are 10 objects in every level and you have to find all of them if you like to move into the next level and finally finish the whole game. Maybe the game is smaller but that doesnt mean that you should take it for granted. Those objects could be tricky for finding sometimes so try to search every possible place in order to find all of them, and always be careful about the details.

    Game Instructions: The game wont be hard for playing. You need to have your mouse in your hand and we may begin. Observe the whole scene and look for the objects that are given on the list. Once you find some, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button. If you have a laptop, you may guess that the game could played on the touchpad as well, by using your fingers instead of a mouse. so common cowboy, lets do our job!


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    Midnight Cowboy

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 18.11.2013
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