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    Sleepless Night
    Our home is our shelter where we do our favorite things. We stay there with our family and spend wonderful hours together, either by doing everyday things or having a special dinner for example It is the place where we could be our own, completely, without taking care of some norms of the society or what will other people say People usually feel safe in their homes but unfortunately the crime is in its bloom so arrogant thieves are operating everywhere and they are entering into foreign assets without thinking. Thats why people decide to insure or even secure the home, and the cameras are something that becomes everyday reality. Some people put cameras in the yard, before the front door, or even in every room, to make sure that they catch the possible thief. And thats something that actually happens in the following game.

    Game Walkthrough: Perhaps it was a quiet neighborhood but that doesnt mean that a thief couldnt come there. There has been a robbery in one family house. Many valuable things are stolen and the police is looking for every possible evidence. Luckily the people that live in this house have installed cameras in every room and if they are lucky, the police will catch the criminals. Now the recordings are at the police so they are reviewing them, to see what has happened that night and perhaps to identify the thief, if its possible since the robbery happened at night while the family was sleeping. So, each recording is actually a different scene, a different level that needs to be checked. In each of those levels there are 10 hidden objects that need to be found and you have t find all of them because that is a condition for moving forward. The final aim is to catch the killer, so watch carefully if you could see someone on those recordings.

    Game Instructions: As weve mentioned before, we will be looking for some hidden objects in this game. In every picture there are 10 objects that need to be found so once you spot one of them, point at it with the mouse cursor and click over it with the left mouse button, in order to select it. the game also allows to be played on the touchpad of a laptop, by using your fingers instead of a mouse, but of course that is optional, depends on what kind of game-play do you prefer. Now lets finish this noble job and find the criminal!


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    Sleepless Night

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 19.11.2013
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    How do I get to play one of these games?  I have tried many times with no results.

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