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    Body of Lies - Find the Alphabets
    CIA agents are so developed to transform themselves in order to accomplish each mission completely, without being disguised on their way. One of the things they learn during their training is body language, they know many foreign languages also, they have the power to fool lie detector, with one word they may turn themselves into completely different person, something like the secret identity of the super heroes. But the thing is that since they all are so good trained, there is a chance they all to take part in a big lie. They are all prepared to lie perfectly and who lies who, in the world of the greatest liars?

    Body of lies is a movie that treats exactly this theme. Namely, in the center of the movie is the CIA operative, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, who is on a mission to uncover a major terrorist operation in Jordan. He uncovers the major terrorist leader suspected that operation, but at the same time e operating out of Jordan, but while he does that, he figures out that he must also be cautious of the double-dealings of his boss in America. Who lies who now?

    Game walkthrough: If this movie sounded interesting for you or you have watched it before and you liked it, you will definitely love this game. Body of Lies: Find the Alphabets guides you through the movie but at the same time you have a chance to act like a CIA agent in a sense that you have to find hidden objects in every picture.

    Each picture is from the movie, you will enjoy the story while seeing them, but at the same time you will have fun exploring every detail. There is the whole alphabet spread through the pictures. Your task is to find each letter. To keep recording about the found letters, there is a row on the bottom of the picture. When you detect the letter, it disappears from the row.

    Try to find all letters in a shorter time so you could get a bonus. If you make a wrong move, your score will be reduced and the same goes for asking for a hint, but sometimes you must do that.

    Game instructions: Body of Lies: Find the Alphabets is a point and click type of a game. That means that you should use the mouse to point the letter that youve detected. When you see a letter, just click it. When you play look carefully every point of the picture, every corner and every curve, the letter may follow the natural line or shape of the object.

    Good luck agent and take care of yourself!


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    Body of Lies - Find the Alphabets

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    Published on: 20.01.2011
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