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    A Christmas Wish
    What is your Christmas Wish? Well, Christmas is almost here, so let us ask you, were you good this year? It's very old the believing that Santa Claus gives presents to the ones that were good during the year. The grownups are aware that those presents are not given by Santa, but for the kids that is a great moment, a moment waited during the whole year! Many times they write a letter, telling about the good things they have done and that is followed by a long list of wishes that are expected to be fulfilled on the Christmas Eve, or in the next year. And actually it doesn't matter who gives the presents, the parents or Santa, nothing is so much worth as the expecting children's faces and the excitement related to that. And when they'll grow up, they will be aware who is in charge for all of that...

    In the following game it is exactly about a Christmas wish. One cute little girl has been good during the year and has been desiring something so much. It's about a small puppy, that is her Christmas wish. Her parents, or let's say Santa, have decided to make her happy and fulfill her wish so besides the other presents they have hidden one bigger box with a little dog in it.

    The game is actually divided into 6 levels that take place in the house and there are 16 hidden objects in each level. You will get a list of those objects; some of them are the smaller presents spread through the house, and we hope that you will get to the last hidden object - the puppy, and see the happiness of this girl's face.


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    A Christmas Wish

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    Published on: 19.12.2013
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    All comments (6)
    jackfrost (2 years ago):
    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    Love this game....puts you in the Christmas spirit...
    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    Ward: did you find the lipstick on the dark couch?
    Ward (4 years ago):
    No HINTS. Found all objects except 1 lipstick, so I have to quit the game without finishing it.
    Ward (4 years ago):
    Thanks. No HINTS. I have found all objects except 1 lipstick. I have to quit this game with 1 lipstick left to find because I couldn't find it.

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