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    Holiday Mansion 3
    Time near New Year. In some places around the world it is cold winter, the temperatures are under 0 and people could not imagine their days without warm hats, gloves and scarf, including home heating and a lot of snow while in some other parts of the world it is completely different - nice and warn summer. But however, for the ones that live where is winter at the moment, here is one interesting chance to feel the summer once again. It is great for the ones that are in love with hot weather, sun bathing and swimming and now are freezing in their homes, just pack your bags and we are taking you to one great holiday trip. This does not mean that the ones that come from some places where is summer could not enjoy this adventure, so let's have fun together!

    This interesting game is actually a third part of the 'Holiday Mansion' series and one more game that you'll enjoy very much. Beach, bikinis, sun, swimming, long walks near the cost, water, cocktails and beach barsthe following game will woke up those associations in you and make you feel as you are on a real holiday.

    There are 4 levels included in the game which means 4 different scenes from the holiday mansion that need to be explored in details. For every level you get a list of 10 objects that need to be found there so you better open your eyes well and start looking for them. Now you may start the game and we are quite sure that you will feel the summer, no matter where you are at the moment.


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    Holiday Mansion 3

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    Published on: 20.12.2013
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    arlene (7 years ago):
    I am tired of Face book popup.  "Do you like the games,  etc.  It is a nusiance every time you turn around it pops up.  If I want facebook, I'll go to face book.

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