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    La Luna Hotel
    Only few of use decide to work as detectives but fact is that the most of us are interested in solving puzzle mysteries. The curiosity is one crucial part of our being and the curiosity will be satisfied only by solving the things. We can realize that most simply with movies. You and your friends are watching a thriller, and almost each one of you guesses who the main suspect is, or who will kill whoand not to mention the gossips and their popularity. In that case people also try to be detectives and get to know something not so familiar about some celebrity, or even the neighbors. Subsequently to this, the whole popularity of the games that are based on finding clues is not strange at any point.

    Game walkthrough: Can you imagine how strange it is to wake up in the morning wearing something different from the one that you were wearing last night? And today you are wearing nothing but a pair of zebra stripped, fur boxer shorts! How strange is that?? But what is even stranger is that you woke up in the hallway of a hotel with sign Please do not disturb hanging on your nose! What can you say more then: Oh my God! Perhaps you were on some party but you dont remember about itactually you dont remember anything! Collect clues, solve puzzles and crosswords, do everything that you can to solve the mystery what has actually happened.

    Game instructions: This adventure escape the room game will be played only by using the mouse. Its a point and click game, click on every item to explore if its hiding something or it may be a clue for solving what has happened, and finally, a way to get back your lost memory.


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    Global rating: 2.5/5 from 4 players.

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    La Luna Hotel

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
    Played: 66,200
    Published on: 27.02.2011
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    All comments (5)
    mott (2 years ago):
    this game does not make sense. never finished
    jackfrost (3 years ago):
    Has anyone ever completed this game? 4/28/18
    hayu (3 years ago):
    I can't get thru "Have you ever"
    bob66 (5 years ago):
    yes i agree  whats the point i rate it 0
    MsSassy (6 years ago):
    This is the worst game-you go back and forth between the stairs and the elevator.