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    Find My Wallet
    How frustrating is to lose a wallet? Its not even about the money; sometimes we have everything in it. From cards to all our documents like IDs and God knows what.

    So if something like that happens there is a path we have to walk and it so long. First we have to report it to the police, and then star the procedures to get new documents, (if you have them) cancel all your credit cards At the end of it all we are so tired and annoyed that we curse the day that that happened. But the worst of all is when we do all these things and at the end of it all, we find the wallet.

    Game Walkthrough:Your wallet is torned into pieces but the good news is that you can fix that. You are put in a room and the small parts of your wallet are spread all through the place and you have to find them. Its not an easy task just because the pieces blend in with the room so good. So its complicated but not impossible for the human eye to spot them. Be prepared that your job doesnt end when you find them; you also need to put them together like a puzzle into a real wallet and only then you can move to the next level. So can you prove to the world that you are the best wallet finder?br>
    Game Instructions:This is the easiest game to play if you look at it from the technical aspect. The only thing that you need is the computer mouse. You have to click on the object when youll spot it and it will disappear from the room. Also we will give you a list of the parts you need to find so it would be easier for you. If you want to move through the room than just click on the left and right arrows on the screen. Its that easy. Good luck!


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    Find My Wallet

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
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    Published on: 05.03.2011
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    robeg (3 years ago):
    wallet is torned?????