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    The Other Side
    What happens after person's life is one of the most often asked question all through the history. People ask them self personally about that but also that is a part of every religion or philosophy, not to mention the own view of people that claim that they have an ability to communicate with the 'other side'. And every one describes that experience different, giving a different description of that 'place', but we can't be sure about nothing since no one has came back from the 'other side'...

    The following game concentrates around a mystery related to those topics. One man has died, but there is something strange about that... seems that something is unfinished... The action of the game takes place in one church and then in the abandoned house of the late. There is one old gipsy woman who claims that she has a certain gift – she is able to talk to the late and to communicate with the 'other side'. This lady tells that few weeks ago a woman came to her and ask her help. She explained that every night in her house something strange was going one. She supposedly felt a spirit in her house, the spirit of her late husband. This gipsy woman seems quite convinced in her powers, but will she help this woman put an end of her worries?

    This scary mystery game is consisted of 6 interesting levels. In each level there are 10 items that need to be found and just by finding all of them, you are able to move on in the game. Take part in this unusual happening and help this wandering spirit find his peace.


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    The Other Side

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    Genres: Scary | Romance | Mystery
    Played: 304,010
    Published on: 26.12.2013
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