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    Family Portrait
    Portraits are very big challenge to every artist. He could catch all the lines of the face but the hard part is capturing the soul of that person, something that gives the whole expression of the person that has been portrayed. Without that, the portrait may not even look as the real model. That's why there are numerous genius artists that don't choose painting portraits, and keep themselves on the safe side.

    In the following game we have a painter who has decided to take a really big bite. One portrait, ok, but he has decided to make a family portrait – a painting that includes all his relatives. Some of them are here, but some of them are not still between us, so he has set an aim for himself, to make a research about each one of them, find out their pictures but also to search through their belongings and learn something more about them. He believes that after that, he will be able to make a perfect portrait, mixing the present and the past in one wonderful painting that will be a nice presentation of the family tree.

    The game will actually be a hidden object game where you'll be looking for the belongings of the ancestors. They are all spread in the four levels of the game and every level is a different scene that needs to be explored. After you are done with that, the next part is constructing the portrait, setting that puzzle that will unite the portraits of all members of the family.


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    Family Portrait

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    Published on: 27.12.2013
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    jackfrost (3 years ago):
    mayhee (5 years ago):
    game froze up after i solved the puzzle
    Ward (5 years ago):
    Once I got the portrait together nothing else happened; the program didn't move on.

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