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    A Day in Venice
    There are numerous good reasons why you should visit Venice. Many people desire to visit this town to experience Italy's well-preserved culture, but many people decide to go in the 'city of romance' to get married, while other people go there just to feel the city's relaxed lifestyle. Those are great things but also it is very interesting to see the thing that also makes Venice famous all around the world - the fact that this town is surrounded on all sides by water. 400 footbridges and 170 boat canals relate the city to make it easily reachable to the local populace. People use traditional and symbolic boats known as gondolas as transport around the narrow Venetian waterways for more than 10 centuries which also makes this place unique. 'Svolo del Leon' is the famous Venice carnival that people celebrate tribute to the Lion of San Marco, the symbol of the city and that is another happening that attracts numerous people.

    In our game we have one couple that went to Venice to see this famous carnival. They are Americans and they have never been to Venice before. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy a romantic trip and celebrate their love as well. Let's see what Venice is hiding but also look for the hidden objects that are spread all through 5 interesting levels of play. Have a nice trip!


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    A Day in Venice

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    Genres: Romance | Adventure
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    Published on: 31.12.2013
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