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    Detective Max 2
    Remember Max? He is the amazing detective, German Sheppard that works for the police. After few years of hard training, Max has managed to be best in his class, prepared to deal with any kind of a criminal. After successful solving of a case of robbery, detective Max is again on his duty. This time he has to deal with pet criminal.

    We could say who could be that cruel to steal other people's pets but that is also something that exists in this world and is not something rare. A gang of criminals that works with pets has been operating the local area for a certain period of time. Some pet went missing and everyone thought that it was an accident but after a while, many of the local pets were gone. On every telephone pole in the city there was a note – missing Petty, missing Back, missing Middy, and all the time it was about a different pet. The police tried to solve this case but it is for sure that people do not have that special sense that could take them to the missing pets, so this is another perfect case for Max.

    Now Max is on the streets, looking for those animals. He is collecting some clues at the moment that could lead his to the criminals so are you willing to take part in this case too, helping Max finish his job faster? Both of you will be searching the streets for those items that are wanted and are given on the list that appears in every level. Once you are done with them, you move into the next level and so on, until you complete the game and of course, you find the missing pets.


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    Detective Max 2

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    Genres: Pets | Mystery
    Played: 107,230
    Published on: 28.02.2014
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