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    Lost Numbers
    We all know that dogs are considered mans best friends, but no one can argue that cats have come quite close to them, and nowadays, people are divided into two categories: dog person and a cat person. Those people who expect loyalty and friendship from their pet, they always go with the dogs, and those people who prefer their pet has its own character and not obey orders, they go with the cats. Furthermore, cats are the kind of pets that need less attention and work. Whereas the dog needs to be walked three times a day, the cat lives in the apartment and one does not need to take it out. Cats are also known for their ability to hunt, because, after all, in is in their blood, and that is another reason some people keep them as pets. They usually hunt mice and snakes.

    Game walkthrough: I hope that you are a cat person, because in this game you will get to see a bunch of photos with cute little fuzzy cats. Each picture will be different, with all kinds of details and with one or several cats on it. And on those pictures there will be scattered numbers all over it. What you need to do is to find all the missing numbers from each picture. Once you spot all the lost numbers, you go directly to the next level, where the task is the same. Some numbers will be bigger and darker, which will make them easier to spot, while others will be quite small and hidden, which will make them very hard to spot. Luckily, you will have the help of a magnifying glass for the smallest ones.

    Game instructions: You will play this game with your mouse, and your mouse only. Your cursor will be in the form of a magnifying glass which will make things a bit easier for you. Move the mouse over the pictures and ones you spot a number, click on it with your left mouse button. All the numbers you need to find are shown on the bottom of your screen, and when you find a number, it will disappear from the list. Be aware of the time as well, the quicker you find all the numbers, the higher your score. Now turn on your perception skills and lets find those numbers already!


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    Lost Numbers

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    Published on: 24.07.2011
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