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    The Last Train
    Inventing the train was a really big deal. All points in the world that seem unreachable or that could be reached somehow but it would take a lot of time, now were connected and a person could reach them quite fast. That was many years ago and now we have many more means of transport, much faster than trains. Young people that are accustomed to live fast find trains really slow so they chose them as means of transport rarely, except if it's not about some express trains.

    It may sound little bit sad, but some places decide to close the train stations because there are no passengers and this business activity becomes unprofitable. Actually this is the story of one small American city where the numbers of passengers that use a train becomes smaller and smaller so the authorities have decided to close the station. The young people from that place did not use trains often and they are not connected with that train station a lot but for the older people it means a lot so they have decided to gather today at the rail station to send the train for the last time.

    Again it is about very sweet hidden object game that includes scene from the old rail station. Make sure that you find all objects that are hidden there and finish the whole game.


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    The Last Train

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    Published on: 30.03.2014
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    hayu (3 years ago):
    It keeps freezing on the 3rd or 4th puzzle

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