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    Membata Island
    You could or you could not believe in this island that you have heard about in the enormously popular series Lost. In the last episode of the series it was revealed that supposedly the fictitious island in the series is believed to be located somewhere east of Bali and Nusa Tenggara, and the name, 'Membata' is supposed to mean 'uncertainty' or 'doubt' or 'ambivalent', depending on the source of the translation... This sounds quite tricky and will probably make you to google a little, if you could find something about but we will show you some pictures from that place that will confuse you even more, so it's up to you to believe in what you like to believe...

    The Peters family is going on a vacation on the Membata Island. They like to explore new things and they are prepared for a great adventure, probably the greatest adventure of their life. They have heard about the astonishing nature that could be found in that place, including the wonderful sunsets that could be seen there.

    They accommodate in a luxury hotel with an amazing view from their balcony but of course, they are not that kind of people that will spend the holiday closed so they start their journey right away. We hope that those guys won't get lost too... But if they do, you are here to help them.


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    Membata Island

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    Published on: 21.04.2014
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    bob66 (5 years ago):
    very nice game i give it a 10

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