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    The Forgotten Village
    It's just pity for those old villages with only few inhabitants. We all know for sure that the cities give more opportunities for comfortable life and better jobs that are less demanding than agriculture and work in the field.

    Also intellectuals can't find their place in the villages, since there are no places where they could work and consequently, the villages stay empty and abandoned. And it seems that every one forgets about the positive sides of the villages like the fresh air and the clean environment because people visit those places very seldom actually, as they forget that a weekend spent in the village and the natural environment will give them a lot of strength and inner peace.

    The character in our game has lived in the village Prymont when he was still a child, before 30 years. His parents, also looking for better jobs, decided to move out from the village and live in more urban environment and they also didn't come back in the village ever. Our character calls this place forgotten village as well because actually no one from his family has even come back there. However, today he has decided to visit his old village and see if there is something interesting there. He is walking all around the place and finding some things that will remember him on his childhood. He comes back to the house where he was born and he finds out some objects that bring him memories of some time that has passed...


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    The Forgotten Village

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
    Played: 167,824
    Published on: 29.04.2014
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    19racerlady (1 year ago):
    4 of a kind is fun to play...

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