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    Alpine Cottage
    People's needs and priorities are different when it comes about the way of spending their free time, and the places where they like to spend it. Many people choose to build weekend houses and usually they are set in nature, near some field or on a slightly mountainous place but also they could be found on very high mountains and near water, a sea or a lake. However, the position is not important, there are no such definitions that could tell which is the best location for a weekend house, it depends on the taste of the owner of that place.

    One married couple has decided to buy a weekend house on the Alps. Both of them enjoy snow and they like to sky, so spending some period there would be a great enjoy for them. They found the location of their dreams but also the house should be set on a good place so after long consideration and research, they bump into a good chance. Both of them are at the place at this moment, together with the real estate agent and they are seeing the weekend house that seems to be the best option.

    However, they have to think twice before they choose, to make sure that they really like everything about that hose - the look, the location, the price, but it seems that this would be the alpine cottage for our couple, after all.


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    Alpine Cottage

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    Published on: 05.06.2014
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