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    Vampire Hunter
    Since none of us has seen a vampire lately, we could say that they are just a part of folklore and fiction. Maybe many years ago, some of our grandmothers had some stories about vampires, but today, the main source of vampire's stories is the movie Twilight or some other similar teenage sage.

    However, since it was believed that there were vampires, there was always some person that supposedly had the power to take care of those vampires, to kill them or get rid of them somehow. A vampire hunter is typically described as a person with broad knowledge of vampires and other monstrous creatures, as well as their powers and weaknesses, and applies this knowledge to fight them successfully. Sometimes the vampire hunters are themselves supernatural beings, having superhuman abilities.

    And now it is time to meet one professional vampire hunter. It is about Lous, a girl that has those strange powers and manages to find a vampire, in case there is one near. Lous finds out that in one old abandoned mine lives a local vampire that spreads fear on the resident population for many, many years. There are numerous stories about him and his acts but until now, there wasn't a single person that could track him down. On the other hand, Lous finds the secret passage that leads to the mine and she enters into the vampire's home. You should also enter there and see what's going on, keeping Lous back safe.


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    Vampire Hunter

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    Genres: Scary
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    Published on: 18.06.2014
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