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    Mysterious Signature
    One young art student is preparing to start her studies at one very prestigious university. She is very excited because this is something that she likes so much and she has been preparing herself to enter there for a longer period, painting all the time and studying. At the moment when she arrived at the university, she realized that there is an open door, the door of the warehouse. Her curiosity leaded her there so she entered inside and she noticed one interesting painting that took her attention, besides the other painting. There was something strange about that painting, something about its style. The young student could realize that this painting looks like piece of one very famous artist, but why is this painting here since it is about a very eminent author?! The girl takes the painting and she carries it to her professor where they realize that there is a hidden signature in the lower part of the painting. The painting really belongs to that famous author which means that it is very valuable, but they can't realize why did someone want that picture to be so hidden? What is the mystery around that painting? The curious student and her professor are willing to explore the story about that painting and find out who bring it here and why someone didn't want to be revealed that the painting is here?!


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    Mysterious Signature

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 29.06.2014
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