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    Most Wanted
    Yeah, the young cowboy named Mark knew that crime is not a solution but he believed that this would be his last quest… However, this last crime cost him a lot – he had to spend some time in prison. His punishment was not very serious, he would be leaving the place in few months but his temperament, the one that always leads him to trouble, didn't leave him to serve the punishment in total. He was looking for a way to escape from the prison and he managed to do that so at the moment this young rebel, disguised, enters in one small cowboy city.

    He believes that no one could recognize him because he had also changed his prison clothing but he didn't guess that there is a serious chase issued for him. He entered the hotel where he planned to spend the night but soon he realizes that there is a poster with his name and image, together with the inscription 'most wanted.'

    This seems like serious trouble for the young criminal so he has to leave from the hotel right away and find a way to escape from the city as soon as possible, before anyone recognizes him. Mark is a simpatico character so we are hoping that you will help him escape from trouble this time, also hoping that this would be his last crime for sure.


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    Most Wanted

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
    Played: 123,498
    Published on: 06.07.2014
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